TITI Soft Pastel

RM 16.90


Set of 12's

Weight: 220.5g

Size: 190mm x 85mm x 20 mm 

Set of 24's

Weight: 418.5g

Size: 190mm x 160mm x 20mm

Set of 36's

Weight: 639.0g

Size: 190mm x 250mm x 20mm

Set of 48's

Weight: 860.0g

Size: 400mm x 500mm x 20mm

*Model: SP-65/12 (12 colors) ,SP-65/24(24 colors),SP-65/36 (36 colors) and SP-65/48(48 colors)
*Imported from Korea
*Soft Pastels are high quality chalk pastels that are easy use and give fantastic results.
*They are designed for use on paper ad are not suitable for fabrics.
*They are soft bright colors, which may be used o white, black and colored paper.
*Hand will clean easily with normal wash.
*Fine quality/ Soft/ Bendable
*Ideal for the Classroom & Studio