Marie's Painting Water Color

RM 22.90

Weight: 302g

Size: 230mmx 120mm x 20 mm

Brand: Marie's

Model No: E1336B

* 12 Colors Water Color

* Marie's is China's Oldest and Famous Art Brand since 1919

* Great for beginner and professional artist

* Each tube consist of 12ml water color aluminium tube

*  All colors conform to ASTM D-4236 standards

Marie’s water colours are low-priced and offer colors that are so concentrated and easy to work with, professional watercolorists wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference. Marie’s offers cadmium, primary colors and unusual hues that dry quickly (perfect for blending and blotting techniques) and won’t fade when exposed to light. The only recognizable setback with Marie’s is its quick drying time. Like gouache, the water colours do not respond well when exposed to air for long periods of time but a sealed palette that keeps out moisture is an ideal companion to this excellent paint.