Holbein Drawing Ink

RM 65.00

Weight: 105.3g

Size: 50mm x 50mm x 80mm

* Made from Japan
*Holbein Standard Drawing Inks are a line of brilliant waterproof inks that are ideal for drawing lines, illustration, comic design, lettering, and architectural perspective.
*Holbein Standard Transparent Inks are dye/shellac-based. Holbein Standard Opaque Inks are pigment-based. They can all be used with pens, brushes, and airbrushes.
*Holbein Drawing Inks are fully intermixable and offer excellent adhesion on most surfaces. Holbein Drawing Inks are widely used by illustrators, designers, calligraphers and artists world-wide.
*30 ml (1 oz) glass dropper bottles.