Daler Rowney Fixative

RM 29.00

Large (Model no: 520)

Weight: 383g

Size: 65mm x 65mm x 200 mm

Small (Model no: 210)

Weight: 174g

Size: 55mm x 55mm x 174 mm

Brand: Daler Rowney

NET WT : 400ml / 150 ml

Daler-Rowney ‘Perfix’  fixative spray for pencil and pastels and give your drawing a good coating,holding the paper at least a foot away so that you get a fine mist of the spray and not a big wet blotch that might stain your drawing. Spray evenly and lightly back and forward over the drawing, then let it dry for a couple of minutes and give it another coat. It’s better to have several light coats than to over-saturate your paper and risk staining it. Fixative is somewhat toxic and smells very strongly so use it outside if it’s not wet or windy. If using it inside open a window, and definitely don’t use it in a room that you are going to carry on working in because you’re likely to get a headache! If you find this is a problem then Daler-Rowney also make a low-odour version. Once you can touch the paper and you don’t see any graphite on your finger, then you’ve applied enough fixative and your pencil drawing is fully fixed. Daler-Rowney ‘Perfix’  Pastel Fixative Perfect Colorless Fixative best ideal for Pastels,Crayon or Charcoal Drawing.