Arto's Batik Dye 120ml

RM 8.00

Weight: 147.3g

Size: 45mm x 45 mm x 110 mm 

  • Offers a wide range of brilliant colours
  • Water resistant after apply
  • Great dye for Batik Craft, Tie & Dye and Dip Dye on untreated fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, linen, rayon and many other natural fiber materials.
  • Can be apply to untreated T-Shirt, Canvas and many more.
  • A fun craft to do for all age group.
  • Available in 22 Colours


  • Fold/twist and tie garment to desire pattern or stretch cloth with stencil frame for batik craft.
  • Do not add water into fabric for a lighter shade.
  • Rest & fix after applying all colours, wait for 30 minutes before removing tied fabric and let fabric set for 4 hours or longer.
  • Wash fabric in washing machine or hand wash with soap and water without mixing with other fabric or garment.
  • Hang fabric out to dry.


  • Recommended fabric to use is untreated natural fabrics.
  • Use more dye to achieve a brighter color or add water for a lighter shade.
  • Always wear rubber gloves while using dyes.
  • If necessary, wash fabric first before use.
  • Due to a large variety of fabric materials, always test paint on fabric before painting.