Daler Rowney Water Soluble Block Printing Ink

RM 55.00

Daler Rowney Block Printing Ink is water-soluble Lino Printing Ink and comes in 13 opaque colours in 250ml pots. These water-based block printing colours are perfect for lino printing. They dry quicker than oil-based ones and equipment can be cleaned after use with soap and water.

These Block Printing Colours give maximum working time, good coverage and excellent transfer properties, making them ideal for all types of printing techniques.

Use them to print text, patterns and images onto paper, fabrics and various other surfaces by carving out a negative image on a lino block. Using a lino roller, roll out some of the Daler Rowney Block Printing Ink and cover the lino, ensuring a thin distribution of paint over the lino. A print can then be transferred onto a chosen surface multiple times. 

Colours can be intermixed.

There is also an enhanced drying medium available that you can mix directly with the Block Printing Ink to speed up the drying time of colours.


SIZE: 80mm x 80mm x 110mm H