RM 75.00


SIZE: 148MM X 139MM X 15MM

Tombow Play Color Dot Double-Sided Marker! This marker comes in several bright colors and has a unique 5 mm flat circle tip on one end that can be used like a stamp. Use it to mark important dates, accent headings, and make cute cards with dot lettering and fun patterns. The dot tip can also be used like a regular marker to make both thin and thick lines, similar to a chisel tip. The other end of the marker has a sturdy, extra fine 0.3 mm tip for writing neat letters and lines. This offers great versatility for drawing, planning, and coloring. The ink is water-based. This set includes 12 colors: Apple Green, Blue, Brown, Cherry Red, Coral, Gray, Honey Yellow, Lilac, Mint Green, Orange, Sakura, and Sky Blue.
available in set of 12